Beware! Always Ask your VPS Provider About CPU Clock Speed and Drives being used

You may find a a lot of VPS Providers popping up these days and some of them even offering like 2 CPU Cores even with a 512 MB VPS that too very cheap, but always ask the following few basic questions before ordering:

  1. CPU Clock Speed
  2. Kind of Drives Used
  3. Are they using RAID 10
  4. Do they Provide Native IPv6 and is it a /64 if you don’t get a /64 then it’ useless as /64 per customer is the minimum standard for IPv6 because all RBL now block a /64 and not individual IPv6 IP so if another user from same /64 is an abuser even you will be blocked/banned so it’s best to get a separate /64
  5. Is your provider offering unmetered data transfer ?
  6. Are they offering DDOS protection ?
  7. Ask for a test IP and check latency, just ask for Looking Glass if they have any, something like offers CPU Clock Speed between 2.5Ghz – 3Ghz

Hosteons uses SSD Drives with RAID 10 for best Disk I/O Performance

Hosteons provides Free /64 IPv6 with all VPS

Hosteons VPS comes with unmetered data transfer

Hosteons offers Free DDOS Protection with all VPS Packages

Hosteons has very good routing globally, it can be verified from it has test IP as well as other network utilities to check latency and routing.

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