About HostEONS

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Hosteons Pte. Ltd. (HostEONS.com) is a Singapore based hosting company with specialisation in providing budget friendly SSD based VPS Hosting. Hosteons.com even specialises in DDOS Protection with years of experience in hosting industry we are able to provide industry standard hosting services with free DDOS protection at very affordable price.

 HostEONS is based in Singapore but we host most of our servers in Los Angeles РCalifornia, New York, Jacksonville РFlorida, Las Vegas РNevada and Dallas РTexas.  We even provide dedicated servers from Russia, India but most of our services are based in USA.

HostEONS Provides following hosting services:

  1. Premium Ryzen KVM VPS on nVME Drives.
  2. Budget Gigabit SSD based VPS using KVM virtualisation.
  3. SSD Based VPS using OpenVZ 7 virtualisation.
  4. Dedicated Servers with DDOS Protection, offshore servers, instant dedicated servers which are activated and delivered instantly upon payment.
  5. Shared Web Hosting
  6. Unlimited Web Hosting
  7. Reseller Web Hosting
  8. Domain Name Registration

For VPS hosting we use our own hardware and our own IP Allocation (Along with some third party IP Providers due to IP Shortage), we don’t lease servers.