One more Datacentre Location Being Added in Salt Lake City

As posted in our previous POST, that how and we had to do emergency migration of all our VPS Nodes and Shared Web Hosting, but now once all the data has been migrated, we even need to utilise our Colocated Servers that were there with Dedipath, today we were provided access and were able to pickup our Servers from their Los Angeles, location, though other location is still pending, but to utilise these servers, we have taken a full 42U RACK in Salt Lake City, this is different from our current Salt Lake City Datacentre, this location also has very good network, along with DDOS Protection provided by PATH. This new location has very good network globally including China and Asia.

These servers just landed at the new facility in Salt Lake City, we plan to use these servers for our regular Ryzen VPS nodes as well to offer Virtual Dedicated Server, i.e. with Dedicated CPU Cores and all resource, with these package you will be able to max out your CPU without any restricitons

We will post an update about once its ready for production, hopefully in next 3-4 days

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