VPS Nodes and Web Hosting Server Migration and Downtime

We are constantly working on improving our network and services hence to improve our VPS as well as Web Hosting services we have decided to change Datacenter for our services.

Currently all our VPS Nodes as well as Web Hosting servers in LA are hosted with Psychz but to provide even better services we are migrating all our servers to InterNAP

During this migration we will be physically moving servers to InterNAP and your IP will remain same, there will be no change in your services as we will be using same hardware.

We will be sending out email to all clients once we schedule a date and time for migration, but this migration will lead to about 5 hours of downtime, all our services in LA will be down during these 5 hours, but once it’s migrated we are sure all our clients will really enjoy and like the new services as they will be much better then our current services, all clients will get much better network latency.

Following customers will be affected with this migration:

1) All LA KVM VPS Users who are on Node 1 – Node 12  (Users on Node 13 will not be affected as it’s already at INAP/InterNAP)

2) All OpenVZ VPS users

3) Web Hosting Users

Our NY KVM VPS users will also not be affected with this migration.

But we still advice all our clients to take backups of their important data as servers are electronic equipments and there is always a possibility of things going wrong when such migrations are involved though we will be doing our best to make sure all data and servers are securely transferred.

We will email all our customers once we finalise date and time for migration, we will even post an announcement about it here.

Now KVM VPS Available in New York along with Los Angeles

We at hosteons are constantly working to provide better services and give more and more options to our clients.

Until now we were offering KVM VPS only in Los Angeles, but today we are glad to announce launch of our KVM VPS service even in New York. We are offering exactly same packages in New York as our Los Angeles Location.

For now we are offering only KVM VPS in New York but soon we will even provide OpenVZ based VPS in NY just like Los Angeles.

You just need to select the location on https://hosteons.com/vps.php at the time of placing order. Under the ORDER Field click on LA to get VPS in Los Angeles, and click on NY to get VPS in New York

Test IP for New York are:


IPv6: 2402:d0c0:3:2::9423

Our NY VPS Nodes are hosted with InterNAP

If you have any queries feel free to submit a support ticket at https://my.hosteons.com