Now Get Free cPanel Web Hosting with VPS

Along with our promos as mentioned on you can now even get free cPanel Web Hosting with all our VPS Packages, even existing VPS Customers can claim it for free

Free cPanel Web Hosting – We are now offering Free cPanel Web Hosting with all our VPS Packages, no coupon code required, just submit a support ticket after placing order and mention domain for web hosting in it (Please note our regular web hosting orders are setup automatically but this free add-on web hosting we set it up manually so it can take upto 24 hours for activation of web hosting). You will get option to add web hosting package in the order form. (This is limited period special, we may disable it at anytime)

Even existing clients can get free cPanel web hosting, just order it from client area under Services menu –> Available Addons.

Only 1 free web hosting package is allowed per VPS

It comes with following features:

Disk Space: 5GB
Bandwidth: 50GB
Email Accounts: 10
Subdomain: 5
Mysql Database: 1
cPanel: YES
One Click Script Installer: YES
WebSiteBuilder: YES

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New Promos, Discounts for our VPS Hosting Services

We hope all our clients are at home and safe in this epidemic.

Here are some promos, discounts and some news about our services:

New OpenVZ VPS Nodes added in LA and even launched OpenVZ VPS in NY

  1. RECURR50 – Gives recurring 50% Off on OVZ 1 – OVZ 7 VPS Packages on annual billing cycles
  2. RECURR20 – Gives recurring 20% off on VPS 1 to VPS 7 KVM VPS Packages in LA as well as NY
  3. Free Windows 2019 License on VPS 3 – VPS 7 KVM VPS Packges on annual billing cycle (Just submit a support ticket after placing order to activate windows license). – No coupon code required and can be used along with other coupons.
  4. DA – Free Direct Admin License for KVM VPS 2 and above packages and also OVZ 2 and above VPS Packages
  5. Free Blesta License – Just submit a support ticket we will activate Blesta License for free. (No coupon required)
  6. UPGRADE – Free Upgrade to Next VPS Package, applicable on KVM VPS 1 – VPS 6 and OVZ 1 – OVZ 6 VPS package 
  7. DOUBLEDISK – Double disk space for your VPS, applicable on KVM VPS 1 – VPS 6 and OVZ 1 – OVZ 6 VPS package 

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Free Windows Server 2019 License with KVM VPS

Free Windows Server 2019 License on KVM VPS

Free Windows Server 2019 License with our KVM VPS 3 – VPS 7 packages available on annual, bi-annual and tri-annual billing cycles (Submit a support ticket after placing order, we will activate windows License for free)

We offer Windows Server 2019 License even on monthly billing cycles but that’s chargeable but if you pay for 1 year or more in advance you can get it for free with our KVM VPS Packages.

Recurring 20% OFF on KVM VPS and OpenVZ 7 VPS

We are currently running a limited period special and offering Recurring 20% OFF on our KVM VPS and OpenVZ 7 VPS Packages. This promo is only applicable on KVM VPS Packages from VPS 1  VPS 7 and OVZ 1 – OVZ 7

It is not applicable on KVM 256 MB and OVZ 256 and OVZ 512 MB VPS Packages

Coupon code: “RECURR20”

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Fix macOS Catalina broken Mail Search

This post is not related to hostEONS Hosting Services, but a very simple fix for macOS Catalina broken mail search.

Since most of our techs are using MAC and as soon as we are upgraded to Catalina we were surprised to find out that SpotLight or mail search was not displaying results from mails.

So here is how we fixed it.

Quit Apple Mail

Go to System Preferences

Now Click on Spotlight

Then Click on Privacy Tab

Now click on “+” and add whole Macintosh HD, it will give you warning that you are about to disable Spotlight search, proceed with it.

Now restart your MAC

Now again to System Preferences -> Spotlight -> Privacy Tab now select Macintosh HD and click on minus “-” sign and close System Preferences

Now you start using Mail in your Mac and give it couple of hours, it will reindex your whole drive including mails and all mails will be searchable again.

BLESTA License for FREE


We are pleased to announce our partnership with BLESTA a fully featured Billing and Automation Software.

We are now offering BLESTA License for FREE with all our hosting services:

  1. VPS
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Reseller Hosting
  4. Dedicated Servers

Once you order services with us you will get BLESTA for FREE as long as your service is active with us. You can install it on services hosted with us.

Existing customers can also order it for FREE from

For any queries please submit a support ticket

Logging or Showing Real IP in cPanel/Apache when using CloudFlare

We recently switched to CloudFlare for our own website but even after a lot of research could not find proper documentation moreover mod_cloudflare has been discontinued and all documents are too old, so here is how we fixed it.

  1. First login to WHM
  2. Customise your Apache config and under Apache Modules select mod_remoteip (yes we will use mod_remoteip instead of mod_cloudflare)
  3. Once Apache is recompiled now you need to edit a file with name “370_mod_remoteip.conf” it may be 360 or 350 or something else but last part will be “mod_remoteip.conf” and file is available in /etc/apache2/conf.modules.d.
  4. Just add following to above file:

RemoteIPHeader X-Real-IP
RemoteIPTrustedProxy 2400:cb00::/32
RemoteIPTrustedProxy 2606:4700::/32
RemoteIPTrustedProxy 2803:f800::/32
RemoteIPTrustedProxy 2405:b500::/32
RemoteIPTrustedProxy 2405:8100::/32
RemoteIPTrustedProxy 2a06:98c0::/29
RemoteIPTrustedProxy 2c0f:f248::/32


5. Now go to WHM and under “Apache Configuration” click on “Include Editor” then under “Pre Main Include” edit the file and add:

<IfModule remoteip_module>
RemoteIPHeader X-Forwarded-For
<IfModule log_config_module>
LogFormat “%{Referer}i -> %U” referer
LogFormat “%{User-agent}i” agent
LogFormat “%a %l %u %t \”%r\” %>s %b” common
LogFormat “%a %l %u %t \”%r\” %>s %b \”%{Referer}i\” \”%{User-Agent}i\”” combined
CustomLog logs/access_log combined


Now just save and restart Apache, it should now start showing your real IP in apache logs etc…




Manually Migrate a KVM VPS to another node where both source and destination nodes are running SolusVM

If for some reason SolusVM automated migration is failing or if you just want make your hands dirty and wants to manually migrate a KVM VPS to another VPS Node, just follow these simple steps:

Run following commands on Source VPS Node:

Assuming your KVM ID for your VPS is “kvm5368”

# lvdisplay | grep kvm5368
LV Path /dev/vg_node10/kvm5368_img
LV Name kvm5368_img

Now lets shutdown the Source VPS:

# virsh shutdown kvm5368

Now once it’s shutdown lets create an image of the VPS Disk:

#dd if=/dev/vg_node10/kvm5368_img | gzip | dd of=/root/kvm5368_backup.gz bs=4096

Now lets create a Logical Volume on the destination node, so run following commands on the destination node:

# lvcreate -n kvm5368_img –size 30G /dev/vg_node

Now transfer the VPS image file created earlier from source to destination node:

# scp -C /root/kvm454_backup.gz [email protected]:/root/

Once it’s transferred then run following command on destination vps node to restore the VPS Image:

dd if=/root/kvm5368_backup.gz | gzip -d | dd of=/dev/vg_node/kvm5368_img bs=4096

Once it’s restored run following command on your SolusVM Master:

/scripts/vm-migrate <vserverid> <newnodeid>

Now you should be able to boot the new migrated VM from SolusVM

Getting Errors while booting a OpenVZ 7 VPS Container running on Ploop File System ?

Getting errors like:

2019-08-09T08:24:10-0400 : Error in e2fsck (fsutils.c:471): e2fsck failed (exit code 4)

2019-08-09T08:24:10-0400 vzctl : CT 392 : Failed to mount image /vz/private/392/root.hdd: Error in e2fsck (fsutils.c:471): e2fsck failed (exit code 4)

#vzctl start 392

Starting container…
Opening delta /vz/private/392/root.hdd/root.hdd
Adding delta dev=/dev/ploop61204p1 img=/vz/private/392/root.hdd/root.hdd (rw)
(i.e., without -a or -p options)
Error in e2fsck (fsutils.c:471): e2fsck failed (exit code 4)
Failed to mount image: Error in e2fsck (fsutils.c:471): e2fsck failed (exit code 4)

It can happen due to a file system crash or VPS Node crash etc…, don’t worry follow following tutorial to fix.


1)Stop the container.

#vzctl stop 392

#vzlist 392

2)Mount the ploop image.

#ploop mount /vz/private/392/root.hdd/DiskDescriptor.xml

3)Perform fdisk -l

#fdisk -l /dev/ploop61204p1

4)Perform a file system check for the partition(note p1 at the end):

#e2fsck /dev/ploop61204p1p1

5)Unmount the ploop image

#ploop umount -d /dev/ploop61204p1

Unmounting device /dev/ploop61204p1

6)Start the container

#vzctl start 392

cPanel Alternative – Reliable and Affordable

With recent cPanel price increase, it is not affordable anymore especially for VPS and even Dedicated Servers, this recent cPanel price increase is going to force a lots of Web Hosting providers to switch to other Control Panels.

There are very few good alternatives to cPanel as cPanel is feature rich, stable and was not very expensive until now. Some of the alternatives to cPanel are:

  1. Plesk
  2. Direct Admin (Free with Hosteons VPS)
  3. VestaCP (Free)

Plesk is also owned by same parent company as cPanel, so it’s not big deal that even Plesk follows same path as cPanel hence it’s no brainer to switch to Plesk

Direct Admin is a very old, mature and stable web hosting control panel, it just does not have all the good looks of cPanel but it is very stable and secure and also provides regular updates, also unlike cPanel it works not only on CentOS but also many other linux variants like Debian, Ubuntu and many more, it even supports FreeBSD

Direct Admin is much cheaper then cPanel infant we at hosteons provide it for free with most of our VPS Packages, just use coupon code “DA” to get Direct Admin for free with your VPS

VestaCP is another web hosting control panel, but its a free control panel and had some vulnerabilities in past, so it’s OK to use for personal use, but commercial or production use is not recommended.