Benefits of KVM VPS over other virtualisation technology

1. Dedicated Resources: KVM VPS are not like shared servers or other types of virtualisation e.g. OpenVZ where resources are shared among users, with KVM VPS you get dedicated resources as it’s not possible to oversell resources with KVM Virtualisation. If you have a KVM VPS from you can be sure that you are getting the exact same amount of resources as you ordered. With OpenVZ it’s very easy to oversell all resources on the server but not with KVM.

2. Free from neighbourhood troubles: If you are using KVM VPS from you need not worry about bad scripts or softwares being run by other users on the same server because with KVM since all VPS runs on their own dedicated resources, any abusive activity by another VPS user won’t affect your VPS. Since you have full control over your VPS you can keep your VPS updated and secure and need not worry even if your neighbourhood VPS users are updated/secure or not.

3. Dedicated IP for mail and other activities: Hosteons VPS comes with dedicated IP with full RDNS control hence you need not worry about other VPS users spoiling IP reputation, and since you get RDNS control you can be sure that your mail will be delivered to the inbox of the recipient and won’t get bounced or going to junk mail.

4. Quick Reboot and Reinstalls: Hosteons KVM VPS comes with SolusVM control panel which gives complete control for Reboot, Reinstalls as well as VNC access

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