CloudLinux Enabled cPanel Web Hosting Service

Until 1 month ago we were offering cPanel Based Web hosting but without CloudLinux, but now we have enabled CloudLinux for our cPanel Web Hosting Service.

What is CloudLinux?

CloudLinux OS is the leading platform for multitenancy. It improves server stability, density, and security by isolating each tenant and giving them allocated server resources. This creates an environment that feels more like a virtual server than a shared hosting account. By doing so, CloudLinux OS reduces operating costs and churn rates, and increases profitability.

CloudLinux OS is designed for shared hosting providers. It isolates each customer into a separate “Lightweight Virtualized Environment” (LVE), which partitions, allocates, and limits server resources, like memory, CPU, and connections, for each tenant. This ensures that tenants cannot jeopardize the stability of your servers, causing all sites to slow down or even come to a halt. CloudLinux OS also “cages” tenants from one another to avoid security breaches. This way, unstable scripts or malware are not able to sprawl across your customer sites, causing severe harm.



Hence now you can expect much better and faster web hosting experience without worrying about a bad neighbour on same web hosting server slowing down your website or even worried about security as now everything is protected by CageFS hence your site will be secure even if some other site on same server is hacked due to bad script or weak password or any other reason

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