Free Windows Server 2019 License with KVM VPS

Free Windows Server 2019 License on KVM VPS

Free Windows Server 2019 License with our KVM VPS 3 – VPS 7 packages available on annual, bi-annual and tri-annual billing cycles (Submit a support ticket after placing order, we will activate windows License for free)

We offer Windows Server 2019 License even on monthly billing cycles but that’s chargeable but if you pay for 1 year or more in advance you can get it for free with our KVM VPS Packages.

New Windows Templates Added with Full Support for Virtio and more for our KVM VPS

windows template

We have added few new Windows based templates for our KVM VPS with support for Virtio Network Interface.

We have added new templates for:

  1. Windows 2008 English Version
  2. Windows 2008 Chinese Version
  3. Windows 2012 English
  4. Windows 2016 English

All these templates have been prepared by our team to fully support Virtio Driver for KVM VPS to get better network performance, moreover even RDP is enabled for all these templates so now you don’t need to first login via VNC, enable Remote Desktop and then connect via RDP, now as soon as you place a new order or reinstall your VPS you can simply RDP to your VPS using the password provided in description or your VPS activation email.

Windows by default does not support VIRTIO but we have prepared these templates with Virtio drivers preinstalled in the template.

Windows 2008 Chinese Language Now available with our KVM VPS | Windows 2008中文语言现在可以使用我们的KVM VPS

A lot of Chinese users who are using our KVM VPS Hosting services are looking for Chinese Version of Windows 2008 so now we have added Windows 2008 Chinese version ISO in our VPS control Panel, you can simply mount Windows 2008 DVD and boot your VPS from ISO and install Windows 2008 in your VPS in Chinese language, since our VPS are based in RAID 10 SSD Drives, installation should not take more then few minutes, I hope our Chinese VPS users will like it.

许多正在使用我们的KVM VPS托管服务的中国用户正在寻找中文版的Windows 2008,所以现在我们在VPS控制面板中添加了Windows 2008中文版ISO,你只需安装Windows 2008 DVD并从ISO启动你的VPS 并使用中文在您的VPS中安装Windows 2008,因为我们的VPS基于RAID 10 SSD驱动器,安装不应该花费几分钟,我希望我们的中国VPS用户会喜欢它。

SEO Friendly VPS for SEO Softwares like Senuke etc

SEO Friendly VPS
SEO Friendly VPS From

Our VPS are SEO Software friendly. We allow to run all kind of SEO softwares like Senuke, uBOT etc.. just make sure to use proxies with them because if proxy is not used with these SEO softwares then our VPS IP can get blacklisted.

For SEO VPS all you need to do is a order a Windows based VPS, you can order any of our VPS above $5 and it will support Windows as OS, with our SEO VPS you  can be rest assured that your SEO software is running 24×7 without any interruption.

If you face any problem with accessing RDP in your SEO VPS just submit a support ticket and we will take care of it