VPN Setup Guide – One click L2TP VPN Server or IPSEC VPN Server Setup

In this video you will learn how to setup your own private L2TP to IPSEC VPN Server using a KVM VPS or a Dedicated Server. I’ve used a Ubuntu 20 based installation but this same script or command even works on Debian, this is a fully automated setup for a VPN Server. I’ve used a Budget KVM VPS from https://hosteons.com/kvm_vps.php for this tutorial but this same script should work with any other providers’s VPS as long as it’s a KVM VPS and the OS is Debian or Ubuntu. This is a one click or one command setup to have your VPN Server ready almost instantly.

Command to install your L2TP VPN server is:

wget https://git.io/vpnsetup -O vpnsetup.sh && sudo sh vpnsetup.sh

NOTE: Please make sure to backup your data before running this script as hosteons will not be responsible for any data loss.