Ryzen and nVME VPS Coming Soon

We at hosteons.com are proud to announce that soon we will be launching our new Premium Range of Ryzen 9 3900X Based KVM VPS on RAID Protected nVME Drives in Los Angeles, CA and Dallas, TX – Yeah we are even adding a new location Dallas 🙂

Currently all our VPS Nodes are on a Dedicated Gigabit Port but our new Premium Ryzen Based VPS Nodes will be connected to 10 Gigabit Network to our same premium network (yeah we are not using cogent, HE unlike many of our competitors) Our network mix has loads of premium uplinks:

INAP Performance IP, Century Link, AT&T, NTT, Verizon, Comcast, Telia, Zayo, China Unicom, China, GTT, Verizon and many more

Initially we are launching our Ryzen Based Premium VPS in LA and Dallas, but we will be soon launching them even in our other Locations – Las Vegas, New York, Jacksonville

We will soon launch our KVM VPS services in Denver and Atlanta.

So Stay tuned for more goodies and updates