So what’s new with hostEONS after the Dedipath Drama ?

So after all the DRAMA of Dedipath closing down without notice and how we survived without downtime, we have expanded a lot. Until now we were just offering Regular KVM VPS (Ryzen and Intel) and OpenVZ VPS from 5 Datacenters, but now after we survived the DP Drama, we have expanded not only our Line of Product but we have also expanded to 7 Datacenter Across US and 2 Locations Coming Soon (Within a week) even Europe, guess which locations ?

Paris (France) and Frankfurt (Germany) are our new upcoming locations in Europe

So right we are offering our VPS Service from these 7 US locations + 2 in EU

US Locations:

  1. Los Angeles
  2. New York
  3. Salt Lake City DC 1
  4. Salt Lake City DC 2
  5. Dallas
  6. Miami
  7. Portland

Upcoming EU Locations:

  1. Paris (France)
  2. Frankfurt (Germany)

Until July 2023 we had just close to 100 VPS Nodes, but now have 170+ VPS Nodes and lot more are on the way.

Until July 2023 we were just offering Ryzen KVM VPS, Intel KVM VPS and OpenVZ VPS, but now we are offering:

  1. Ryzen KVM VPS
  2. Intel KVM VPS
  3. OpenVZ VPS
  4. 3950x Based VDS
  5. 7950x Based VDS

VDS = Virtual Dedicated Server or some even call it Hybrid Dedicated Server

With VDS you can basically use 100% CPU 24×7 without restriction as CPU Cores are assigned dedicatedly to your VPS/Server

Our Ryzen 7950x based VDS Starts at just $7 per month and available across 3 locations:

  1. Salt Lake City
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Dallas

These 7950x Based VDS can be ordered from

Our Ryzen 3950x Based VDS starts at just $4.99 per month and currently available in Salt Lake City and can be ordered from

Our upcoming EU Locations are using Equinix in France as well as Germany and we are starting over there with VPS Nodes with following specs:

Dual Xeon Gold 6410

256 GB RAM

2 x 6 TB NVME

10G Network

These are going to some premium VPS but at same price as our Budget Gigabit KVM VPS

So stay tuned for more our new EU Launch and grab our VDS to get performance of a Dedicated Server at the price of a VPS

What’s happing at Hosteons ? So many changes ?

2020 has been a crazy year for everybody all over the globe, but we at Hosteons have been working behind the scenes to bring new services, service upgrades, server upgrades, and what not.

Here is what’s new with Hosteons:

Premium Ryzen VPS:

We have launched a Premium Range of Ryzen based KVM VPS in two locations – Los Angeles and Dallas (More locations coming soon). Ryzen CPU along with NVME Drives takes your VPS experience to a different level as these are very very fast CPU along with super fast NVME Drives it just makes you feel like as if you are using a Super Fast Dedicated Server with ease of singing a VPS. Our Ryzen VPS Nodes are connected to 10Gbps network instead of our regular 1 Gbps Network to even make your network lightning fast.

Direct Admin Switch:

Due to constant price increase by cPanel we decided to even switch to Direct Admin for our shared web hosting and reseller web hosting and we even took the opportunity to even switch our web server from Apache to Lite Speed along with Kernel Care for reboot less updates, Cloud Linux for stable hosting experience and even more secure with CageFS implementation. We even added Imunify to it to make sure all sites on the server malware free. Not only this now we are using RAID 10 SSD instead of normal HDD for even faster websites. We are now even taking offsite backups every alternate day.

So here are some of the new features of our Shared Web Hosting and Reseller Web Hosting:

  1. Direct Admin Control Panel
  2. Lite Speed Web Server for ultra fast websites
  3. CloudLinux for Stable and Secure Web Hosting
  4. Imunify for Malware and Virus Free Hosting
  5. KernelCare for Rebootless updates hence basically services with no downtime
  6. RAID 10 SSD Based Storage for ultra fast disk access and very fast websites
  7. Regular backups just in case if you ever want to restore your data.
  8. 24×7 Support – We understand how important your website is for you hence we have 24×7 support

These are so many features and benefits not possible to mention all of them in a single article.

Discontinued 100 Mbps KVM VPS:

We have discontinued 100 Mbps Unmetered KVM VPS and instead of started offering Gigabit VPS as we noticed now when 100 Mbps connectivity is very common even in a typical household broadband, so 100 Mbps on a server is not enough, moreover we had more reasons to make this decision like when we were offering 100 Mbps Unmetered VPS even a few abusive or even compromised 100 Mbps VPS could make the network experience bad for other VPS users on the VPS node and since we did not wanted to compromise on quality of our services, we made this tough decision. Though we are not terminating existing 100 Mbps VPS users, they can continue to use their 100 Mbps VPS as long as they keep renewing and even option to upgrade to Gigabit VPS is open for them.

Also new nodes that we are adding for Gigabit VPS are now on 10 Gbps Port, very soon we will upgrade, all our VPS nodes (those nodes will only have Gigabit VPS not 100 Mbps unmetered VPS)

Migration from SolusVM to Virtualizor:

SolusVM is a good VPS control panel but it’s been lacking lots of features that were available in Virtualizor or where were very much needed, hence we even switch from SolusVM to Virtualizor, it wasn’t issue to switch but we still did it with help of very helpful team of Virtualizor.

Some of the new features which were not available until in our VPS control panel will be available now, like:

  1. Custom ISO upload – Now if you need to install an OS that’s not already available in our VPS templates you need not worry, just login to your VPS control panel and you can upload your own ISO and install your own OS, no need to even submit a ticket to do so.
  2. Until now we had to shutdown or suspend VPS of CPU abusive users, but now we can simply cap or limit their CPU usage to make sure experience of other VPS users is not affected and it even avoids downtime for VPS users whose CPU usage goes out of control (usually it’s due to some buggy software)
  3. Complete Integration with our billing system, so now you even don’t need to login to VPS control panel separately, you can mange most of the things directly from Client Porta/Billing/Helpdesk
  4. Support for Block Storage (We plan to provide block storage soon, but lack of support in SolusVM was our biggest hurdle, but now we have this option available)

There are many more features to list in a single article.

Very soon even daily backups will be available with our Premium Ryzen VPS, we will send out an email once it’s available.

Hosteons now in Las Vegas

Hosteons did it again, we are now in Vegas.

We started with VPS Hosting Los Angeles, California in 2018, then we launched our VPS Services in New York in 2019, then we launched in Jacksonville, Florida in 2020 and now again in 2020 itself we are getting ready to launch our KVM VPS Services in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In Vegas we are located in Flexential Facility in North Vegas. Our VPS Nodes are already racked in Vegas, but we are still testing them and hoping to launch our KVM VPS Services backed by RAID 10 SSD Drives by this weekend.

As of right now you can order our 100Mbps unmetered as well as our Gigabit VPS from and just select your location in the order form.

So now we will be providing our KVM VPS across 4 locations:

  1. Los Angeles
  2. New York
  3. Jacksonville
  4. Las Vegas

We are working on adding more locations, soon we will providing VPS Services in more locations

Custom VPS Now available at

Now you can design your own custom VPS at, we are now allowing our clients to design their own VPS Package and only pay for the resources they need, our regular VPS packages are still available at

You can design and order your own custom vps from –

Now you can decide how many CPU cores do you want, how much RAM do you need or how much Disk Space do you need, you can even order additional IP.

For any queries please just submit a support ticket from