Manually Migrate a KVM VPS to another node where both source and destination nodes are running SolusVM

If for some reason SolusVM automated migration is failing or if you just want make your hands dirty and wants to manually migrate a KVM VPS to another VPS Node, just follow these simple steps:

Run following commands on Source VPS Node:

Assuming your KVM ID for your VPS is “kvm5368”

# lvdisplay | grep kvm5368
LV Path /dev/vg_node10/kvm5368_img
LV Name kvm5368_img

Now lets shutdown the Source VPS:

# virsh shutdown kvm5368

Now once it’s shutdown lets create an image of the VPS Disk:

#dd if=/dev/vg_node10/kvm5368_img | gzip | dd of=/root/kvm5368_backup.gz bs=4096

Now lets create a Logical Volume on the destination node, so run following commands on the destination node:

# lvcreate -n kvm5368_img –size 30G /dev/vg_node

Now transfer the VPS image file created earlier from source to destination node:

# scp -C /root/kvm454_backup.gz root@destinationvpsnode:/root/

Once it’s transferred then run following command on destination vps node to restore the VPS Image:

dd if=/root/kvm5368_backup.gz | gzip -d | dd of=/dev/vg_node/kvm5368_img bs=4096

Once it’s restored run following command on your SolusVM Master:

/scripts/vm-migrate <vserverid> <newnodeid>

Now you should be able to boot the new migrated VM from SolusVM