TCP Block by GFW in China – GFW在中国的TCP阻止

Until now Chinese GFW used to block whole IP but we have noticed that now GFW is even blocking certain TCP Ports for new IP ranges, so if you just get your VPS and find that you are unable to SSH to your VPS but you are able to ping your VPS IP then it means that GFW has blocked your SSH Port so all you need to do is just change your SSH Port in your VPS SSH Config file and restart SSHD, use any random port like 443 etc… and it should work, if you are not familiar with it just submit  support ticket at we will do it for you. If you have any other queries then too submit a support ticket we will clarify them to you.

到目前为止,中国GFW曾经阻止整个IP,但我们注意到现在GFW甚至阻止某些TCP端口用于新的IP范围,所以如果你只是得到你的VPS并发现你无法通过SSH连接到你的VPS但是你能够 ping你的VPS IP然后就意味着GFW阻止了你的SSH端口所以你需要做的只是更改你的VPS SSH配置文件中的SSH端口并重新启动SSHD,使用任何随机端口,如443等……它应该工作 如果您不熟悉它,只需在https://my.hosteons.com上提交支持票,我们将为您完成。 如果您有任何其他疑问,那么也提交支持票,我们将向您澄清。