Free Direct Admin with VPS

Direct Admin is a feature rich web hosting control panel for Linux as well as FreeBSD.

Since Direct Admin require a license and it’s not free most providers charges extra for Direct Admin License Fees, but we at hosteons are offering Direct Admin for Free with all our VPS packages that can match the minimum requirement of Direct Admin Control Panel.

Our usual charges for Direct Admin License fees is $5 per month per VPS (It’s $15 per month for Dedicated Server), but for now we are offering Direct Admin for free, just use the COUPON CODE “DA” to get Direct Admin free with your VPS, order a VPS from and use coupon code “DA” in the order form after selecting “Direct Admin Add-on” then submit a ticket we will install it for free.

cPanel Alternative – Reliable and Affordable

With recent cPanel price increase, it is not affordable anymore especially for VPS and even Dedicated Servers, this recent cPanel price increase is going to force a lots of Web Hosting providers to switch to other Control Panels.

There are very few good alternatives to cPanel as cPanel is feature rich, stable and was not very expensive until now. Some of the alternatives to cPanel are:

  1. Plesk
  2. Direct Admin (Free with Hosteons VPS)
  3. VestaCP (Free)

Plesk is also owned by same parent company as cPanel, so it’s not big deal that even Plesk follows same path as cPanel hence it’s no brainer to switch to Plesk

Direct Admin is a very old, mature and stable web hosting control panel, it just does not have all the good looks of cPanel but it is very stable and secure and also provides regular updates, also unlike cPanel it works not only on CentOS but also many other linux variants like Debian, Ubuntu and many more, it even supports FreeBSD

Direct Admin is much cheaper then cPanel infant we at hosteons provide it for free with most of our VPS Packages, just use coupon code “DA” to get Direct Admin for free with your VPS

VestaCP is another web hosting control panel, but its a free control panel and had some vulnerabilities in past, so it’s OK to use for personal use, but commercial or production use is not recommended.

Free Direct Admin With VPS

To add more value to our services and to make VPS management easier for our client we are now offering Direct Admin Control Panel for free with most of our VPS packages. Since Direct Admin has certain resource requirements, we are going to offer Direct Admin on following VPS Packages:


VPS 2 – VPS 7


OVZ 2 – OVZ 7

To get Direct Admin for free you need to use coupon code “DA” while placing order and after placing order please submit a support ticket to install Direct Admin on your VPS, we will reinstall your VPS and also install Direct Admin for you and reply back to you within 24 hours (We do have 24×7 support but Direct Admin Licenses are handled by Billing hence we cannot activate it immediately)

Please note it is applicable only on new VPS Orders.